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MamaHen Game By MASL Game Studio on Play Store
Image Source: MamaHen Game By MASL Game Studio on Play Store

MamaHen Android Apk

In recent years, Hypercasual Mario Games like Bob's world have gained popularity worldwide among gaming players of each age group. Millions of free android games are released worldwide on the Google Play Store. It is obvious that all the games released on App Store are not of good quality. Some games have User Interface issues, and some have poor game controls. Out of these millions of games, only a few games gain success and become popular. There are also many good games that do not gain popularity but they deserve attention due to their unique concept and game ideas. MamaHen is one of those games. The concept and game idea of MamaHen were very basic but it was unique and have the power to catch the user's attention. MamaHen was designed using high-quality graphics and cutting-edge gaming technologies by an indie game developer. MamaHen is a free game available on Google Play Store for android phone users only. MamaHen has a very interactive user interface and an easy gameplay for the best user experience. MamaHen users can play this adventure game with great comfort and spend their free time with great joy while playing this free android game.

Game Concept:

The concept of the MamaHen game is very realistic and simple. There is a hen who is acting as Mama of the Chickens in this exciting Android Game. There is also a cat that wants to attack the chickens and is the main villain of MamaHen Game. As the name suggests, the hen is the mama like other traditional mothers who love their children more than themselves. The cat will come to attack the chickens and the duty of the MamaHen is to protect its chickens from the cat and make them reach the house safely. The fun part of the game is that there are many objects placed on different points which MamaHen can collect and use as a weapon to hit the hungry cat to keep its chickens safe. The challenging part is that the chickens are not sitting in a single place while they are separated. It is a really hard task to collect those chickens and reach them before the cat.

"Download MamaHen Android Apk Free"


As mentioned earlier, there are 3 main characters in the MamaHen Game.

  • The Hen (Mama of Chickens)
  • The Hen (The Main Villain)
  • Chickens (Objects to keep Safe from villains)


The MamaHen Game is free and was available for Android users on Google Play Store last year. This game can be downloaded from here. You just need to click the link given above in the blue text. A new Google Drive page with a download option will open. Click that "download" button and after completing of download, install the MamaHen game on your phone and start enjoying the contest with the cat.


This is a very simple game that requires less RAM and ROM to give optimal performance.

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