MASL Audio and Video Editing App For Mobile Phones


MASL Audio and Video Editing App
MASL Audio and Video Editing App


Have fun by creating, editing, and sharing amazing music videos by MASL Audio and Video Editor.

MASL audio and video editor is an audio and video editing app but it is something different from the apps already available in the market. This app allows different functionalities and different features separately.


Special Features

It takes no or very little time to perform the function.

MASL audio and the video editing app is completely free and offline.

MASL Audio and Video Editing app is rich in features.

MASL Audio and Video Editing is made using the FPMEG Video Editing library.


Some of the important features of this app are as follow:

Video Cutter

As the name suggest this feature is used to cut the video. By using this feature, you can split a specific portion of the video by cutting the video. This feature is normally known as a video splitter, split video editor, or video cutter.

Video Compress

Video compress is used to compress the size of any video. So, if you have edited a video and you think the size of the video is larger. You do not need to look for another video editor, you can compress your video by using MASL Audio and Video Editor. This app will serve the purpose of a video compressor as well.

Video to MP3

Video to MP3 is a special feature of this app. This feature is used to extract audio tracks from the videos or in simple words this feature is used to extract sound from a video clip. So, you do not need to look for a sound extractor from a video separately.

Video Mixer

Video mixer is used to add audio to videos. If you have created a video and want to add a certain audio clip in it. You can use the Video mixer feature of our app.

Video Mute

Video mute is a feature that is used to mute the video, or you can say that to remove the audio from a video.

Video Joiner

If you have more than one video clips and want to merge them or join them, you can use this feature of our app which will help you to join video clips or merge video clips in a single video clip.

Video to Image

Video to image is another amazing feature of this app. Sometimes, we need to take screenshots from video clips, and we need to pause and resume that video again and again. In this way, that simple task becomes quite hectic. The video to Image feature is used to take screenshots from videos. You can easily capture any scene from the video clip using this feature.

Video Converter

Video converter is used to change/convert the file type of any video clip. This app provides these file types i.e, mp4, Flv, Mkv, WMV, and 3gp.

Fast Motion

Fast motion is another amazing feature of this app. Using this feature, you can increase the speed of any video clip.

Slow Motion

Slow motion is a feature that is used to create slomo or slomoes. This feature is used to slow the video speed to focus on a certain clip from the video.

Video Cropper

Just like image cropper, you can also crop your videos. This feature is also available in this free video editor app. MASL Audio and Video Editing app is rich in features.

Video to GIF

Video to GIF converter is also available to create GIF emojis and smileys.

Video Rotate

MASL Video editor has also a video rotate feature. This feature is used to rotate the video clips to produce specific effects.

Video Mirror

Using video mirror feature, any video can be mirrored in this free video editing app.

Video Splitter

Just like video cutter, video splitter is another feature to split a video into more than one part.

Video Reverse

Video reverse feature is used to reverse the video clips in the back direction.

Photo to Video

Photo to the video feature is also known as slideshow creator. This feature is used to make a video using photos. This feature basically merges photos with each other to create a video clip and you can also add music to this clip using our video editor.

Audio Compress

 Just like a video compressor, this app also has the functionality of an Audio compressor. You can compress your audio tracks using this feature of our free editing app.

Audio Joiner

Audio joiner is another feature amazing feature of this app. This feature helps you to join your audio tracks and make a single audio track from them.

Audio Cutter

Just like video cutter, this app also provides the functionality of audio cutting. You can cut any audio clip using this free audio and video editing app.

Suggestions / Queries

If you have any suggestion or query regarding this app you can comment in the comment section. We shall try to resolve that query or to act upon that suggestion. You can also contact us using our contact us page.

Stay Blessed.

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